A New Host, Server and Site Generator

And we are back! It must be a year now since my old site donw.org went dark for many reasons, including being busy working on my own game. There's some big changes with this new setup:

  • I own the domain donw.io this time round. I've gone through a bunch of domains -- donw.org, donw.co.uk, etc. -- that I used to pay somebody else to manage for me. That was obviously not the right way of going about this as I no longer own them.
  • My old websites were on servers hosted by an old work colleague who was very difficult to contact. I'm now running a shared hosting plan at Digital Ocean and really enjoy maintaining all the software on that. Digital Ocean's setup is really great, they've got a good community and are reasonably priced.
  • Rather than writing my own blog software like I did previously, I've switched to the static website generator Hugo. It's some seriously awesome software and updating the site no longer feels like a chore.

This all means that I am now in complete control and the site will never go dark again.

I plan to kick-off by bringing back a lot of my older posts that were popular. I used my own Markdown-style engine previously so will have to port all the text over, but that will give me a chance to proof-read and update links.

Let's get this party started!